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Rosemary Richmond - Mayor's Award

Added by Helen Myers at 10:32 on 05 May 2022

After an astonishing 48 years of service as a Parish Councillor, Rosemary Richmond was awarded a Mayor's A...


Added by Helen Myers at 12:58 on 16 March 2022

Pirbright Parish Council are thrilled to announce that the funds from Your Fund Surrey have been granted to en...

Tree Planting as part of the Queen's Green Canopy and Jubilee

Added by Helen Myers at 11:22 on 25 February 2022

Pirbright Parish Council have planted 110 trees around the village as part of the Queen's Green Canopy and...

Stoney Castle - Pirbright Parish Council's Open Statement

Added by Helen Myers at 16:23 on 17 February 2022

Stoney Castle Pirbright Parish Council does not support the proposal by the owner and manager of the land adj...

Diseased Horse Chestnuts Removed

Added by Helen Myers at 11:42 on 03 February 2022

Two large horse chestnut trees were removed from the verge, outside Lord Pirbright's Hall this week. The P...

Surrey Hill Boundary Review - Your Place Your Voice

Added by Helen Myers at 15:08 on 13 December 2021

EXTENDING THE SURREY HILLS? Your place, your voice The Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) ...

Tree Planted in honour of the Queen's Platinum Anniversary 2022

Added by Helen Myers at 10:24 on 12 November 2021

To commemorate the Platinum anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth (1952-2022) a Mountain Ash was donated...

Respect The Ranges

Added by Helen Myers at 12:40 on 07 April 2021

An informative Youtube clip from the MOD

Tread carefully to respect the Surrey Hills AONB

Added by Helen Myers at 16:46 on 12 February 2021

With the past year having drawn more people than ever towards our green spaces in an effort to find fresh air ...

Support and Advice from Surrey Family Information Service

Added by Helen Myers at 11:08 on 10 February 2021

Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources and helpful information for families Parents/carers and young people are faci...

Ash Ranges Consultation

Added by Helen Myers at 13:42 on 13 July 2020

There is a link to complete the Survey (Recreational Use of the Aldershot Military Lands) and a link to sign...

Poor Parking in Pirbright

Added by Helen Myers at 11:06 on 09 July 2020

With extra visitors coming to the Village during lockdown, we have seen some examples of very bad parking. The...

Parking in the village

Added at 15:29 on 04 May 2020

Every day people drive into the middle of the village for a variety of purposes – for work, shopping, to...

Unauthorised Traveller Encampments

Added at 15:25 on 24 July 2019

In July 2019, a group of travellers cut through a padlocked gate to gain access to a privately owned field opp...

Notice from Cllr Steve Fidgett, Chairman of Pirbright Parish Council

At times of adversity we always seem to find rays of light and a kindred spirit that help bind people together.  So it is with the current Coronavirus crisis.  The human stories relayed though the news reinforce our sense of gratitude to those people in our community who selflessly go about their work and, in so doing, help us to get through the challenges it presents. 

In such times and afterwards, we must all look to help in whatever way we can, whether it’s staying home and safe, making a regular phone call to someone we know who may be on their own or vulnerable or just in need of a friendly chat, or whether it’s those who can help with prescriptions, food deliveries, the food bank or other essentials.  That’s what communities do. 

PeriAid is one way for neighbours to get in touch, but whether you are alone, or worried, need some provisions or just want to find out what is happening locally, don’t feel afraid to pick up the phone.  There is a community of people here to help.  There are useful telephone numbers in the May issue of the newsletter.

This year we have been unable to hold our Annual Parish Meeting to outline what the Parish Council has been doing over the course of the last year and to hear from residents or our representatives in Parliament, Guildford or Surrey Councils.  We will post a resume of the year’s activities online in due course.  In the meantime, we are holding Parish meetings online to ensure essential business continues.  It has been a busy year and now is an exciting period of change for the Parish. 

After 18 years of unstinting service to the Parish, Lindsay Graham has announced her retirement as Clerk to Pirbright Parish Council.  Over this period Lindsay has selflessly given her time and energy to supporting the community through her work with the Parish, Lord Pirbright’s Hall and the many events and activities which make village life such a colourful and wonderful experience.  We are indebted to Lindsay and extend our sincere thanks for all her help and guidance over the years.

We are also delighted to announce the appointment of Helen Myers as the new Clerk to the Parish Council.  Helen started in April and will work with Lindsay over the next couple of months as part of a handover and will take up her responsibilities in May.  Helen lives in Fox Corner and has a long history in the village and we are confident that with her help, the Parish Council’s work will go from strength to strength. 

Lindsay will still be involved in village life, as the Parish Council have split the role of Parish Clerk from that of Secretary to Lord Pirbright’s Hall Charity and Lindsay will for the next few months continue to support the Hall Charity until a successor for that role is appointed later in the year.

Wishing you all good health and happiness in these troubled times.   


Unauthorised Traveller Encampments

In July 2019, a group of travellers cut through a padlocked gate to gain access to a privately owned field opposite Pirbright Terrace. Because trespass on private land is a civil matter, the police cannot carry out an eviction but can taken action if any criminal offences take place. In this case, the travellers were unpleasant in their attitude and actions, which was their undoing as they were very abusive and threatening and, with video evidence, the police decided there were clear grounds for assault, so issued a s61 notice which gives them immediate powers to evict and prevents a return to that land. 

The Parish Council faced a real challenge when an ‘Unauthorised Traveller Encampment’ sprang up on Pirbright Green at 5pm on Friday 11 May 2018. 

We engaged directly with them as they were arriving and sought to build an understanding that would allow us to assess and deal effectively with the issues.  We sought support from the Police, Borough and County Councils, but this ultimately fell to the Parish to resolve.  Having considered the welfare of the travellers and our own community, we decided to seek an early end to the camp and on a rainy Saturday evening our bailiff served an eviction notice to vacate within 24 hrs.  As a result, without further enforcement, the travellers left on Sunday morning. 

A great community effort on Sunday saw us clean up most of the mess and provide some initial temporary security.  We will be considering further security measures at our next meeting. 

A Big Thanks to all who helped over a very difficult time!

Parking in the village

Every day people drive into the middle of the village for a variety of purposes – for work, shopping, to visit the doctor, drop off and collect children from school, go for a walk or to attend an event at the church or Lord Pirbright’s Hall.  Some may live outside the village but many will be residents, using their vehicles because walking may not be an option.

All their vehicles have to be parked somewhere and most the places visited do not have adequate parking spaces on their premises.  The need for parking is usually at its height from 8.30-9am and 2.30-3.30pm (school drop off and pick-up times) but can increase at any time if there is a large event at LPH or the church (e.g. funeral/wedding).

This creates pressure on parking spaces around the village and a challenge to the Parish Council, who recognise that the requirement for parking provision is legitimate but limited.

Do you have any ideas for solving this problem? The law prohibits parking on the Green, with occasional exceptions for special events, and one suggestion received is to limit the Avenue de Cagny car park to short stays during the week, to deter commuters taking up spaces all day. 


Monday 24th September 2018

Following the long dry weather last summer, causing concern about welfare of the fish in the low water levels of the pond, Pirbright Parish Council decided to remove the non-native species from the pond, on advice of the Environment Agency & DC Freshwater Fish.

This was to help protect the local wild life and restore a balanced natural eco-system.

The work was carried out under permit authorisation number:         

DC Freshwater Fish operates under CEFAS authorisation number:

Another completed project

Last year saw the completion of the long-planned dredging of the ditch on the far side of the playing fields. As joint riparian owners with GBC (owners of the common land on the other side of the ditch), we had to seek agreement about the extent and nature of the work to be carried out.  This project was funded from the Parish precept, with grant aid from GBC.

Commemorative bench

The Parish celebrations to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday in April were well supported and the excess of funds raised resulted in a windfall of £213.66 for Lord Pirbright’s Hall.  A resident suggested that it would be good to purchase a commemorative bench to mark the occasion. The 3-seater bench, from the same company that supplied the other new one in the recreation ground, has been inscribed as a joint presentation by LPH & PPC, and is now installed under the canopy of the Green Hut. 

Charges for Surrey's Community Recycling Centres                                                           

From 1 September 2016, there is a limit at Surrey's CRCs of one bag of chargeable waste per day from the construction, alteration or repair of your home and garden. For other non-household waste it will cost £5 per tyre, £4 per bag of chargeable waste – a full list is available on the website at   Bicycle tyres will be accepted free of charge.  You can also read some answers to FAQ by clicking here

Parking Measures for School Lane

Following concerns about congestion during the school rush hours in the morning and afternoons, parking measures have been installed in School Lane.  It is hoped that these will:

  • improve road safety for everyone
  • enable the pedestrian crossing and zigzag lines to be kept clear
  • prevent parking that blocks the cycle lane by the chicane
  • encourage motorists to park within the guidelines of the Highway Code and improve the sight lines for those accessing and exiting driveways
  • permit the safe passage of emergency vehicles along the lane, which is currently compromised when there are rows of parked cars on both sides.

You can view the proposals by clicking on this link and make any comments via the feedback page on this website or by email to Pirbright Parish Council via the links page.

The proposals were discussed by the Pirbright Highways Forum at a meeting on 22 September.

To view the minutes of the meeting, click here

Gole Road safety measures - update

In response to urgent requests to improve road safety in Gole Road near Cowshott Bridge, following several accidents in the area including one with serious injuries to a 5-year old boy, SCC Highways have put forward initial proposals to slow down traffic on the approach to the village, which have now been implemented.  At an Extraordinary Meeting held on 14 April, the Parish Council approved the allocation of a reserve for 50% of the cost (to a maximum of £5,000) to pay for the work, with the balance being paid by Cllr Witham and SCC Highways. 

Budget constraints do not allow for immediate introduction of any large-scale improvements, but further structural measures involving civil engineering might be possible, although more expensive with a longer design and lead in, estimated at 18 months. A petition by a local resident was  set up to raise support for the second phase of the improvements, and was presented to the Guildford Local Committee on 17 June.


Please note that the Parish Council no longer permits fishing on the pond on Pirbright Green because of danger to wild fowl from snagged lines and discarded hooks.