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Armed Forces Day Picnic on the Green - Saturday 29th June 2024

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On Saturday 29th June, The Army Training Centre Pirbright and Pirbright Parish Council will be hosting a joint...

Horticultural Society Show - 27th July 2024

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Calling all heathland habitat helpers!

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Warning to Dog owners in Pirbright

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The Guildford Vet ( have issed the following Important notice regarding Ala...

Village Hall Christmas

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Father Christmas made a pit stop at Lord Pirbright's Hall on SATURDAY 2nd DECEMBER at 5pm. He spoke to lot...

Farnborough Airport Expansion

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The New Pavilion!

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Members of the Your Fund Surrey Team, the Mayor, Cllr Witham, Jonathan Lord MP and LPH Trustees officially ope...

Sign up to a Priority Services Register Today

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Sign up to a Priority Services Register Extra support when you need it most From keeping water running for dr...

New Flood Warning Service

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Please click on the below links to access the new Flood Warning Service relating to the Hodge Brook at Pirbrig...

Stoney Castle - Pirbright Parish Council's Open Statement

Added by Helen Myers at 16:23 on 17 February 2022

Stoney Castle Pirbright Parish Council does not support the proposal by the owner and manager of the land adj...

Respect The Ranges

Added by Helen Myers at 12:40 on 07 April 2021

An informative Youtube clip from the MOD

Tread carefully to respect the Surrey Hills AONB

Added by Helen Myers at 16:46 on 12 February 2021

With the past year having drawn more people than ever towards our green spaces in an effort to find fresh air ...

Poor Parking in Pirbright

Added by Helen Myers at 11:06 on 09 July 2020

With extra visitors coming to the Village during lockdown, we have seen some examples of very bad parking. The...

Unauthorised Traveller Encampments

Added at 15:25 on 24 July 2019

In July 2019, a group of travellers cut through a padlocked gate to gain access to a privately owned field opp...

Unauthorised Traveller Encampments

In July 2019, a group of travellers cut through a padlocked gate to gain access to a privately owned field opposite Pirbright Terrace. Because trespass on private land is a civil matter, the police cannot carry out an eviction but can taken action if any criminal offences take place. In this case, the travellers were unpleasant in their attitude and actions, which was their undoing as they were very abusive and threatening and, with video evidence, the police decided there were clear grounds for assault, so issued a s61 notice which gives them immediate powers to evict and prevents a return to that land. 

The Parish Council faced a real challenge when an ‘Unauthorised Traveller Encampment’ sprang up on Pirbright Green at 5pm on Friday 11 May 2018. 

We engaged directly with them as they were arriving and sought to build an understanding that would allow us to assess and deal effectively with the issues.  We sought support from the Police, Borough and County Councils, but this ultimately fell to the Parish to resolve.  Having considered the welfare of the travellers and our own community, we decided to seek an early end to the camp and on a rainy Saturday evening our bailiff served an eviction notice to vacate within 24 hrs.  As a result, without further enforcement, the travellers left on Sunday morning. 

A great community effort on Sunday saw us clean up most of the mess and provide some initial temporary security.  We will be considering further security measures at our next meeting. 

A Big Thanks to all who helped over a very difficult time!


Monday 24th September 2018

Following the long dry weather last summer, causing concern about welfare of the fish in the low water levels of the pond, Pirbright Parish Council decided to remove the non-native species from the pond, on advice of the Environment Agency & DC Freshwater Fish.

This was to help protect the local wild life and restore a balanced natural eco-system.

The work was carried out under permit authorisation number:      

DC Freshwater Fish operates under CEFAS authorisation number:



Please note that the Parish Council no longer permits fishing on the pond on Pirbright Green because of danger to wild fowl from snagged lines and discarded hooks.










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