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Pirbright Parish Council

Welcome to the Pirbright Parish Council Website

Pirbright Parish, in the borough of Guildford, has an area of some 1902 hectares (4,711 acres) with a total population of 3,691 (census 2011).  1,493 of the population were recorded as resident in the village with the remainder living in outlying settlements and in the military area to the north of the railway.

The village is almost entirely surrounded by heathland, much of it owned and used by the MoD.

Help during the Corona Virus and Test and Trace

Click here for advice on Test and Trace from Keith Witham.

For advice and support during the lockdown, please see the PeriAid section of the Website.

Who To Contact In Pirbright

You can contact the Parish Clerk by email: or by phone: 01483 797840 / 07485 411214 or by post at the Parish Shop, The Green, Pirbright, Woking GU24 0JT

You can contact the Secretary to Lord Pirbright's Hall by email: or by phone: 01483 476432 or by post at the Parish Shop, The Green, Pirbright, Woking GU24 0JT

Council Meetings During Lockdown

Meetings of the Council and its committees are normally held at the Green Hut Meeting Room and are open to the public (see notice boards and website for dates and agendas).

During the Pandemic these meetings will be held via Zoom.

Instructions on how to join can be obtained from the Clerk by by email: or by phone: 01483 797840 / 07485 411214

THE ANNUAL PARISH MEETING - an assembly for all electors in Pirbright Parish - was scheduled for Monday 27th April 2020 at 8pm. 

A new date will be posted when the current regulations banning gatherings have been lifted.

The Aim of Pirbright Parish Council

It is the aim of Pirbright Parish Council to promote the health, vitality and well being of the community within the Parish, to protect and enhance the environment of our village, the countryside in which we are situated and the quality of life for our residents and visitors.  The Parish Council aims through our work to encourage community engagement, promote inclusion and support the activities, life chances and aspirations of our community.

We do this by setting objectives that address planning, transport, the environment & community initiatives and through our general work.

The Parish Council acts as a liaison between the parish and borough and county councils and also submits an opinion on all planning applications in the parish to Guildford Borough Planning Department.

The work of the Parish Council is funded by a council tax precept (supplement), from which the village green, its footpaths, car parks, trees, children's playground and the war memorial are maintained.

General Data Protection Regulations

Like other organisations in the UK, Pirbright Parish Council is required to observe the new regulations that came into force in May 2018.  You can see more about this on the Governance page.