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Pirbright Parish Council

PPC Governance

Every year the Parish Council prepares a report on its Governance & Accounts in an Annual Return to be submitted for External Audit.

Voters in the Parish have the right to view the Annual Return for 2019-2020 as explained by clicking here

This was completed following rigorous inspection by an Independent Internal Auditor and the Report can be found by clicking here. The Annual Return with Governance and Accounting statements was approved by the Parish Council at its recent EGM, held on 21st July 2020.

As part of the audit process, the Responsible Financial Officer is also required to produce a list of variances to explain the differences in receipts and payments from the previous year.

The External Auditor will now complete the mandatory inspection of the Annual Return and other required documents.  The resulting Report will be posted here in due course.


Parish Councils are required to discharge their duties and powers within the law and according to their governance policies on the conduct of meetings and financial matters.  These policies are reviewed annually and updated when appropriate.  We are currently expecting an updated model Code of Conduct to replace the version shown here.

To learn more about the work of the Parish Council, click on this link: AboutParishCouncils.pdf  and for its Terms of Reference, please click here:

Code of Conduct

Complaints Policy 2012.pdf 

Dignity at Work Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy


PPC Freedom of Information Policy

PPC Risk Assessment 2019-20

PPC Standing Orders 2019-20

PPC Financial Regulations 2019-20

PPC Memorial Bench Policy 2020-2022

PPC Over-Arching Health & Safety Policy 2020

PPC Health & Safety Policy 2020 (Voluntary Workers)

PPC Banners on the Green Policy 2019

PPC Banner Request Form 2019

PPC Parking on the Little Green Application Form


Parish Councillors are required to complete a Register of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests on taking their seats on the Council.

To view these, click on the links below:

Cllr E. Eason

Cllr S. Fidgett

Cllr M. Godfree

Cllr J. Hallam

Cllr L. Swinney

Cllr R. Richmond

Cllr D. Woollett



General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

The new regulations were enacted in May and are now in force.  All organisations, large and small, are required to comply with the basic rules involving use of details held about residents and others.  Essentially these rules include:

  • We must inform all current contacts of their rights about what we do with their data.
  • We must keep this data stored safely so that a third party cannot access it.
  • We must not pass on your data to a third party without your express permission. If you email us with a query that has to be referred to a third party, we will either contact you for consent or redact your surname, email address and any other details that can identify you.
  • We must delete your data within 30 days if you request it. You also have the right to correct personal data or “be forgotten”.
  • The data that we currently hold is solely for us to contact, inform or respond to you about Parish or LPH business.

This data consists of:

  • Your name.
  • Your postal address.
  • Your email address.
  • Your landline and/or your mobile phone number.

No other personal data is recorded.