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Pirbright Parish Council

PeriNews - Pirbright's Monthly Newsletter

PeriNews is the monthly newsletter produced jointly by Pirbright Parish Council and Pirbright Church. 

If you would like to receive the Newsletter by email, please contact Julia Douetil at

The latest May 2021 issue of the Newsletter can be found below or by clicking here. 

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Perinews 01 January 2021.pdf28 December 20202132kB
Perinews 02 February 2021.pdf25 January 20212236kB
Perinews 03 March 2021.pdf25 February 20212738kB
Perinews 04 April 2021.pdf27 March 20212072kB
Perinews 05 May 2021.pdf27 April 20212482kB

Volunteers from the PeriNews team winning a Guildford BC award for Community Service in  2016.

Mayor, Nikki Nelson-Smith, Judy Williams (former editor), Julia Douetil (current editor), Lindsay Graham (Parish Clerk) and Fred Cobbett