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Pirbright Parish Council

PeriNews - Pirbright's Monthly Newsletter - JULY Edition Out Now !

PeriNews is the monthly newsletter produced jointly by Pirbright Parish Council and Pirbright Church and always out ONLINE and IN COLOUR!

Thanks, as always, to our team of dedicated Volunteers who deliver the PeriNews come rain, come shine.

If you would like to receive the Newsletter by email, please contact Julia Douetil at

The latest JULY 2024 issue of the Newsletter can be found below or by clicking here


2024 PeriNews

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Perinews 01 January 2024.pdf22 December 20232.78MB
Perinews 02 February 2024.pdf22 January 20242.85MB
Perinews 03 March 2024.pdf19 February 20243.11MB
Perinews 04 April 2024.pdf18 March 20242.63MB
Perinews 05 May 2024.pdf23 April 20242.56MB
Perinews 06 June 2024.pdf20 May 20242.67MB
Perinews 07 July 2024.pdf08 July 20242.47MB

2023 PeriNews

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Perinews 01 January 2023.pdf20 December 20222.41MB
Perinews 02 February 2023.pdf20 January 20232.3MB
Perinews 03 March 2023.pdf27 February 20232.47MB
Perinews 04 April 2023.pdf24 March 20232.79MB
Perinews 05 May 2023.pdf26 April 20232.96MB
Perinews 06 June 2023.pdf29 May 20233.23MB
Perinews 07 July 2023.pdf30 June 20232.84MB
Perinews 08 August 2023.pdf21 July 20232.73MB
Perinews 09 September 2023.pdf29 August 20232.12MB
Perinews 10 October 2023.pdf30 September 20232.98MB
Perinews 11 November 2023.pdf23 October 20233.06MB
Perinews 12 December 2023.pdf07 December 20233.62MB

2022 Perinews

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Perinews 01 January 2022.pdf04 January 20222.67MB
Perinews 02 February 2022.pdf20 January 20222.24MB
Perinews 03 March 2022.pdf17 February 20222.07MB
Perinews 04 April 2022.pdf04 April 20222.22MB
Perinews 05 May 2022.pdf20 April 20222.18MB
Perinews 06 June 2022.pdf24 May 20224.83MB
Perinews 07 July 2022.pdf23 June 20222.73MB
Perinews 08 August 2022.pdf22 July 20222.52MB
Perinews 09 September 2022.pdf26 August 20222.55MB
Perinews 10 October 2022.pdf21 September 20222.73MB
Perinews 11 November 2022.pdf27 October 20222.45MB
Perinews 12 December 2022.pdf21 November 20222.65MB
File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Perinews 01 January 2021.pdf28 December 20202.13MB
Perinews 02 February 2021.pdf25 January 20212.24MB
Perinews 03 March 2021.pdf25 February 20212.74MB
Perinews 04 April 2021.pdf27 March 20212.07MB
Perinews 05 May 2021.pdf27 April 20212.48MB
Perinews 06 June 2021.pdf25 May 20212.74MB
Perinews 07 July 2021.pdf25 June 20212.93MB
Perinews 08 August 2021.pdf26 July 20213.22MB
Perinews 09 September 2021.pdf25 August 20212.93MB
Perinews 10 October 2021.pdf27 September 20212.17MB
Perinews 11 November 2021.pdf01 November 20212.76MB
Perinews 12 December 2021.pdf25 November 20213.29MB

Volunteers from the PeriNews team winning a Guildford BC award for Community Service in  2016.

Mayor, Nikki Nelson-Smith, Judy Williams (former editor), Julia Douetil (current editor), Lindsay Graham (former Parish Clerk) and Fred Cobbett

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