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Pirbright Parish Council

Terms & Conditions of Hire


All users, on hiring the hall, consent to adhere to Lord Pirbright's Hall policies. A copy of Lord Pirbright's Hall Terms & Conditions can be found here.


  • With specific reference to health and safety, users need to be aware that there is no telephone at the premises, please ensure that you have access to a mobile telephone in the unlikely event you need to call the emergency services. 

  • Please note that Lord Pirbright's Hall has a strict no smoking/no vaping policy on the premises.

  • Do not obstruct the fire exit routes/doors including the main entrance and path to the hall.

  • Any electrical equipment brought to the hall must have been PAT tested for safety. Regular Hirer's must ensure that any electrical equipment is tested and a copy of the certificate provided to the Secretary.

  • If you intend to sell alcohol during your event, you must apply for a Temporary Event Notice from Guildford Borough Council

  • You may only access the hall for the time for which you have booked and paid. You must vacate the hall at the end of your booking. 

  • If you wish to put up decorations for an event, please do not use sellotape, blue tack or any other form of adhesive as this damages paint on woodwork, ceilings and walls.

  • Music must not be played after 11pm and the hall must be vacated by 11.30pm We ask that you conduct your activities in a safe and considerate manner.

  • Please take your rubbish with you and leave the premises clean, tidy and all tables and chairs stacked in their rightful place. 


Any faults and damages must be reported. If you would like to advise us of any health and safety issues you can leave a comment in the notebook provided. If urgent and needing immediate attention please contact Catherine:


Lord Pirbright's Hall & Recreations Ground is a registered charity - our charity number is 200200

Contact: Catherine Loots on 07474 485056








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