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Pirbright Parish Council

Parking is a Problem in Pirbright!

The Parish Council have put together some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers in regards to Parking in the Village:

What parking restrictions are coming into force and when?

A scheme of double yellow lines along Avenue De Cagny and at some of the other junctions around the Green is being consulted on later this year. These double yellow lines will protect the key junctions and bus routes while still allowing some parking along Avenue de Cagny. Residents will be able to comment on the plans (which can be found here) and will be made aware of the consultation when it is published by GBC.

There is inadequate parking around the Green, particularly near to The Cricketers.

This is recognised and was raised by Pirbright Parish Council in previous responses to GBC on planning applications.  It arises from business staff parking and visitor parking pressures.  PPC has pushed for yellow lines to protect the bus route and prevent dangerous parking on junctions.  PPC and GBC have been investigating possible parking restrictions, such as time limits or residents parking permits but this location does not meet the relevant criteria.   

With increased sporting activity on the Green, following the construction of the new Pavilion, the situation will get much worse.

The Pavilion helps facilitate the sports activities that already occur on the Green but provide the necessary welfare facilities.  While some additional use of the café is anticipated, this is likely to serve local people and those involved in sports and recreation in the main.  An additional 15 car parking spaces behind the Pavilion are part of the proposal.

The only solution seems to be to create new parking spaces.

An additional 15 spaces are proposed behind the new Pavilion if we secure sufficient funding. We are not able to create more parking on the village Green without amending the by-laws controlling the Green. We have been advised previously that any additional parking between trees would harm their roots and is likely to also be unacceptable. The land surrounding the village Green is part of the heathland and woodland environment and is protected. Parking in these areas would not be possible.

Could double yellow lines all along the main road from the Cricketers to the White Hart be possible? With a time limit on parking in the lay-by adjacent to the Pond.

The Parish Council is acutely aware of the need to retain the character of the village, enable businesses to thrive and at the same time have sensitive control of parking issues.  PPC have investigated various options with GBC and SCC, as they are the statutory bodies that control parking and highway matters, and have been advised that a "Residents Only" or "limited waiting" is not possible in this case and does not meet their current criteria.  This is something that PPC will review once the proposed parking measures are implemented.

The proposed additional parking restrictions may push cars into side roads. 

Pirbright Parish Council cannot control parking in side roads around the village Green and while there are issues from time to time, in most cases this is not an ongoing issue. Any additional controls would also affect residents and their visitors which would not be desirable.

What can I do if I experience dangerous or inconsiderate parking?

If you witness parking that causes a danger to pedestrians or other road users, blocking junctions or pavements, please report this via the Surrey Highways site:

Surrey County Council - Tell us about a highway issue

Report a road or transport problem in Surrey online including potholes, streetlights, traffic lights, bridge faults, trees, hedges and blocked drains.







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