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Pirbright Parish Council

Highways & Environment

The Highways & Environment Committee of Pirbright Parish Council reviews and assesses all relevant matters relating to highways, byways, commons and other open spaces within Pirbright in order to protect the community and enhance its environment. 

Water courses and flooding

The Flood Forum has requested that we remind residents with a watercourse on their land about their duties as riparian owners.

A watercourse (ditch, stream, river, brook, channel, canal etc) means any channel that conveys water. Anyone who has a watercourse within their land is responsible for the maintenance and this responsibility may even extend outside of their property boundary (fence, hedge etc) dependant upon location. Land Drainage for any type of watercourse is under Riparian Law. Since April 2012, Surrey County Concil has been Lead Local Flood Authority for the county, with additional duties and responsibilities to manage flood risk from surface water, groundwater and ordinary watercourses.

Working in close cooperation with the Environment Agency, SCC and GBC undertake a general supervisory role of land drainage throughout the Borough. They have close working relationships with major landowners within the Borough, also with Natural England and Surrey Wildlife Trust as management authorities for many open spaces.

You can find out more from the Environment Agency's leaflet "Living on the Edge" and more by going to the Government web page:

Fishing on the Pond

Pirbright Parish Council no longer permits fishing on Pirbright Pond because of the danger to wildfowl from snagged lines and discarded hooks. 


You may report potholes and other highway problems direct to the Highways Authority via the Surrey County Council website: or email: (the "wah" stands for west area highways). 

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