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Pirbright Parish Council

Pirbright Parish Council Agendas & Minutes

The Parish Council meets 10 times each year, usually on the first Tuesday of the month (August & December excluded), although some dates may be changed to meet statutory obligations, such as the submission of the Precept to the borough council in January. 

Members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings. Before attending please take a moment to read the following document to familiarise yourself with the procedures. Public Participation at a Virtual Meeting of the Parish Council.

Latest Pirbright Parish Council Minutes

The next Meeting will be held on Tuesday 6th October 2020 at 7.30pm. This meeting will be held virtually using Microsoft TEAMS.

Members of the public are invited to join this Meeting by contacting the Parish Clerk by emailing: or calling: 07485 411214

To view the Agenda for this meeting please click here

2020 Minutes & Agendas

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
2020 02 04 February 2020 Minutes.pdf19 May 2020513kB
2020 03 03 March 2020 Minutes.pdf19 May 2020522kB
2020 04 09 April 2020 Minutes.pdf19 May 2020534kB
2020 05 12 May 2020 Minutes.pdf03 June 2020242kB
2020 06 09 June 2020 Minutes.pdf23 June 2020274kB
2020 07 15 July 2020 Minutes.pdf15 September 2020221kB
2020 07 21 July 2020 EGM Minutes.pdf15 September 2020190kB
2020 09 08 September 2020 Minutes.pdf15 October 2020179kB
Agenda October 2020.pdf01 October 202059kB
2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006

2019 Minutes

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
01 2019 Minutes 10 January 2019 EGM.pdf19 May 2020351kB
01 2019 Minutes 8 January 2019.pdf19 May 2020502kB
02 2019 Minutes 5 February 2019.pdf19 May 2020436kB
03 2019 Minutes 5 March 2019.pdf19 May 2020433kB
04 2019 Minutes 2 April 2019.pdf19 May 2020492kB
04 2019 Minutes 29 April 2019.pdf19 May 2020378kB
05 2019 Minutes 14 May 2019.pdf19 May 2020413kB
06 2019 Minutes 4 June 2019.pdf19 May 2020594kB
07 2019 Minutes 2 July 2019.pdf19 May 2020603kB
09 2019 Minutes 3 September 2019.pdf19 May 2020474kB
10 2019 Minutes 1 October 2019.pdf19 May 2020624kB
11 2019 Minutes 5 November 2019.pdf19 May 2020660kB

2018 Minutes

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
annual meeting minutes_may_2018.pdf19 May 2020146kB
emergency meeting minutes_12.5.18.pdf19 May 202090kB
extraordinary meeting minutes_march_2018.pdf19 May 2020116kB
january_2018.minutes.pdf19 May 2020115kB
march 2018 minutes.pdf19 May 2020494kB
minutes february_2018.pdf19 May 2020117kB
minutes_ march_2018.doc19 May 202048kB
minutes_july_2018.pdf19 May 2020103kB
minutes_june_2018.pdf19 May 2020122kB
minutes_november2018.pdf19 May 2020522kB
minutes_october_2018.pdf19 May 2020518kB
minutes_september_2018.pdf19 May 2020156kB
november 2018 minutes_annex 1.pdf19 May 2020427kB
november_2018 minutes+annex.pdf19 May 2020965kB

2017 Minutes

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
extraordinary meeting minutes_sept_2017.pdf19 May 2020122kB
minutes annual meeting_may_2017.pdf19 May 2020116kB
minutes_ july_2017.pdf19 May 2020122kB
minutes_april_2017.pdf19 May 202049kB
minutes_february_2017.pdf19 May 2020115kB
minutes_january_2017.pdf19 May 2020138kB
minutes_june_2017.pdf19 May 2020439kB
minutes_march_2017.pdf19 May 2020115kB
minutes_september_2017.pdf19 May 2020617kB
november 2017 minutes.pdf19 May 2020567kB
october2017minutes.pdf19 May 2020534kB

2016 Minutes

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
February 2016_Minutes.pdf19 May 2020134kB
minutes november_2016.pdf19 May 2020162kB
Minutes_Annual Meeting_May_2016.pdf19 May 2020148kB
Minutes_April 2016.pdf19 May 2020130kB
minutes_extraordinary meeting_august_2016.pdf19 May 202092kB
minutes_extraordinary meeting_june_2016.pdf19 May 2020102kB
Minutes_January 2016.pdf19 May 2020115kB
minutes_july_2016.pdf19 May 2020142kB
minutes_june_2016.pdf19 May 2020137kB
Minutes_March 2016.pdf19 May 2020119kB
minutes_october_2016.pdf19 May 2020113kB
minutes_september_2016.pdf19 May 2020143kB

2015 Minutes

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
April2015MINUTES.pdf19 May 202046kB
Extradordinary_meeting_14.4.15_MINUTES.pdf19 May 202029kB
ExtraordinaryMeetingMinutes 2.6.15.pdf19 May 202033kB
February2015MINUTES.pdf19 May 202059kB
July2015MINUTES.pdf19 May 202068kB
June2015MINUTES.pdf19 May 2020133kB
March2015MINUTES.pdf19 May 202053kB
May2015MINUTES.pdf19 May 202041kB
November 2015 minutes pdf.pdf19 May 2020109kB
October2015MINUTES.pdf19 May 202057kB
September2015MINUTES.pdf19 May 202061kB

2014 Minutes

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
April2014MINUTES.pdf19 May 202053kB
Extradordinary_meeting_15.04.2014.pdf19 May 202029kB
Extradordinary_meeting_30.6.14.pdf19 May 202036kB
February2014MINUTES.pdf19 May 202042kB
January2014MINUTES.pdf19 May 202042kB
July2014MINUTES.pdf19 May 202044kB
June2014MINUTES.pdf19 May 202048kB
March2014MINUTES.pdf19 May 202045kB
May2014MINUTES.pdf19 May 202045kB
November2014MINUTES.pdf19 May 202052kB
October2014MINUTES.pdf19 May 202050kB
September2014MINUTES.pdf19 May 202045kB

2013 Minutes

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
April2013MINUTES.pdf19 May 202048kB
Extradordinary_meeting_28.5.13.pdf19 May 202036kB
H and E Minutes15.10.13.pdf19 May 202036kB
january2013minutes.pdf19 May 202045kB
July2013MINUTES (draft).pdf19 May 202041kB
June2013MINUTES.pdf19 May 202047kB
march2013minutes.pdf19 May 202039kB
May2013MINUTES.pdf19 May 202075kB
November2013MINUTES.pdf19 May 202044kB
October2013MINUTES.pdf19 May 202046kB
September2013MINUTES.pdf19 May 202053kB

2012 Minutes

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
april2012minutes.pdf19 May 202044kB
february2012minutes.pdf19 May 202041kB
january2012minutes.pdf19 May 202041kB
july2012minutes.pdf19 May 202042kB
june2012minutes.pdf19 May 202041kB
march2012minutes.pdf19 May 202046kB
may2012minutes.pdf19 May 202043kB
november2012minutes.pdf19 May 202047kB
october2012minutes.pdf19 May 202046kB
september2012minutes.pdf19 May 202059kB

2011 Minutes

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
04jan2011minutes.pdf19 May 202042kB
10may2011minutes.pdf19 May 202046kB
25jan2011minutes.pdf19 May 202035kB
april2011minutes.pdf19 May 202046kB
july2011minutes.pdf19 May 202046kB
june2011minutes.pdf19 May 202046kB
mar2011minutes.pdf19 May 202042kB
may 11 meetings.pdf19 May 202071kB
may2011minutes.pdf19 May 202046kB
november2011minutes.pdf19 May 202045kB
october2011minutes.pdf19 May 202045kB
september2011minutes.pdf19 May 202043kB

2010 Minutes

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
05jan2010minutes.pdf19 May 202034kB
26jan2010minutes.pdf19 May 202032kB
annualandmay10minutes.pdf19 May 202039kB
april2010minutes.pdf19 May 202038kB
feb2010minutes.pdf19 May 202041kB
h and e minutes12.10.10.pdf19 May 202034kB
july2010minutes.pdf19 May 202038kB
lordpirbrightshallagm 13.7.10.pdf19 May 202025kB
mar2010minutes.pdf19 May 202034kB
november2010minutes.pdf19 May 202038kB
september2010minutes.pdf19 May 202033kB

2009 Minutes

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
06jan09minutes.pdf19 May 202035kB
27jan09minutes.pdf19 May 202030kB
annualandmay09minutes.pdf19 May 202038kB
april09minutes.pdf19 May 202038kB
feb09minutes.pdf19 May 202032kB
handeminutes 17.06.09.pdf19 May 202026kB
july09minutes.pdf19 May 202033kB
june09minutes.pdf19 May 202033kB
mar09minutes.pdf19 May 202032kB
nov09minutes.pdf19 May 202034kB
oct09minutes.pdf19 May 202033kB
september09minutes.pdf19 May 202034kB

2008 Minutes

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
2008 05 08 May 2008 Extraordinary Meeting.pdf19 May 202027kB
29jan08minutes.pdf19 May 202028kB
8jan08minutes.pdf19 May 202028kB
annualandmaymeeting08minutes.pdf19 May 202032kB
april08minutes.pdf19 May 202031kB
feb08minutes.pdf19 May 202032kB
handeminutes 22.01.8.pdf19 May 202024kB
handeminutes22.07.08.pdf19 May 202031kB
july08minutes.pdf19 May 202032kB
june08minutes.pdf19 May 202029kB
mar08minutes.pdf19 May 202029kB
nov08minutes.pdf19 May 202031kB
oct08minutes.pdf19 May 202030kB
sep08minutes.pdf19 May 202031kB

2007 Minutes

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
2007 01 02 January 2007 Minutes.pdf19 May 202032kB
30january07minutes.pdf19 May 202028kB
annualmeeting07minutes.pdf19 May 202025kB
april07minutes.pdf19 May 202030kB
aug07minutes.pdf19 May 202025kB
feb07minutes.pdf19 May 202030kB
handeminutes 10.12.7.pdf19 May 202024kB
handfminutesjuly07.pdf19 May 202029kB
july07minutes.pdf19 May 202030kB
june07minutes.pdf19 May 202028kB
march07minutes.pdf19 May 202031kB
may07minutes.pdf19 May 202030kB
nov07minutes.pdf19 May 202029kB
oct07minutes.pdf19 May 202031kB
sep07minutes.pdf19 May 202030kB

2006 Minutes

File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
november06minutes.pdf19 May 202019kB
october06minutes.pdf19 May 202024kB