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NHS Tracking App

NHS Tracking App

Helen Myers

23 September 2020 13:23

The NHS COVID 19 App will be launched on 24 September. This toolkit explains the NHS COVID 19 App functionality. The app functionality does a number of things. 


Some types of venues will be legally required to display an NHS COVID 19 App QR poster which residents can tap into using the NHSC COVID19 App ready for the 24 September these are:- 

  • Hospitality – bars, restaurants, hotels, cafes 

  • Tourism and Leisure – museums, galleries, gyms, leisure centres 

  • Local authority buildings 

  • Places of worship 

  • Close contact services 

  • Where an event is taking place in a physical location 

Information for businesses and what they need to do can be found here:-

Some businesses will be required to display a QR poster before the 24 September to support customers using the new NHS COVID19 App. Do you know what you need to do to be ready ? Find out more information here  #KeepSurreySafe 

Make sure you’re prepared to support customers with the NHS COVID 19 app from Thursday! Find out more including how to get your QR code poster so you're all set at


RESIDENTS - “Don’t Forget to Check In” 

Information about the App here  

The NHS COVID 19 APP will be launched on 24 September. We need your support in raising awareness of the NHS COVID 19 App and encouraging other residents to download it to help protect our communities and keep Surrey safe.

Here are some useful links for residents:-

Check in, don’t skip out! If you’re heading to a venue in Surrey look out for the QR code so you can ‘check in’ using the NHS COVID19 App. But first you have to download it here: #KeepSurreySafe 

Did you know that if you download the NHS COVID 19 app you’ll get alerts if you’re near someone who has tested positive for the virus - even if you’re on the bus? Get it here: #KeepSurreySafe