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Diseased Horse Chestnuts Removed

Diseased Horse Chestnuts Removed

Added at 11:42 on 03 February 2022

Two large horse chestnut trees were removed from the verge, outside Lord Pirbright's Hall this week.

The Parish Council had commissioned a thorough Tree Survey of all its trees and these two were deemed unsafe, with the upper canopies already dead and visible dark exudate seeping from the lower trunks. The trees were deteriorating rapidly and becoming unstable. Being so close to the Highway the  Parish Council could not take the risk of them falling either onto the road or into the car park. Planning applications were submitted and granted by the Tree Officer at GBC. Tenders for the work were sought and an experience, local firm selected to do the work. The stumps show the extent of the disease and the photo below shows how one of the trees had rotted so badly that the core had rotted away leaving a hole in the middle, making the tree unstable.

However, as part of the Queen's Green Canopy, over 100 new trees of varying species will be planted over the next two months. 

The Parish Council are sad to see these two trees go, but must follow the guidance given to them by expert arborealists.

Volunteers are needed to help plant the new trees and if you would like to get involved, please contact the Clerk at who would be keen to hear from you.